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Reliable Car Towing Company Specializing in Flatbed Towing

Hello and welcome to Aguilar's Towing, my solo enterprise that keeps drivers secure on the roads of Yakima, WA. As a car towing company, I am dedicated to ensuring motorists are not stranded. My services might be the lifeline you need should your vehicle falter on our busy roads.

Flatbed Towing Mastery at Your Service

Ever had to deal with a breakdown or an accident? If you have, you’d know the importance of proficient towing. It’s not just about hitching your car to another vehicle and dragging it along – it’s an art. Aguilar's Towing takes pride in offering specialized flatbed towing to ensure the utmost care for your vehicle.

In this complex process, your car is securely placed onto the flatbed of my tow truck. This way, all its wheels are off the ground ensuring no damage from bumpy roads. Regardless of whether your car needs to shift a street away or across town, my service ensures that your vehicle reaches the destination unharmed.

Beyond Regular Car Towing – The Advantages You Get

Selecting my company offers several benefits compared to conventional tow trucks:

  • Damage-free transit: Flatbed towing protects your vehicle from the potential damage caused due to dragging or imperfect road conditions during transit.
  • Safety: This method is safer as it eliminates the risk of your vehicle breaking away during transit.
  • Versatility: Not just for cars! Bikes, SUVs, or even small boats can be transported using flatbed tow trucks.

Your One-Stop Solution

I am always ready to help get you out of sticky roadside situations as promptly and safely as possible. Every call I receive for car towing is attended with speed and dedication because I understand every minute counts when you are stranded on the road.

No need to worry about the security of your vehicle during transit, my car towing company is here to provide a damage-free towing solution. Don’t get stranded on the roads of Yakima, WA. Give me a call now at (509) 300-3568 and experience peace of mind while dealing with auto troubles.

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